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Overview of divisions

July 2013

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Our goal is to field 10-12 teams in each division.  We have found that gives us a full season to get in all our games as well as our Raul Briones League Cup Competition.

Our league is set up very similar to leagues in Europe with our season dates (September - May), promotion/relegation system and inter-division cup competition.  Our U23 and Summer Leagues play May - August

Who Plays in SoCal Premier, What is the Level of Play like?
Depending on the division Teams tend to be made up of current or former professional players, Current (in the off-season) & Former college players and young groups of players who grew up playing the game at the club level.  There are also teams made up of 1st & 2nd generation Americans who have somehow found each other throughout So Cal to make up teams representing different cultures and countries.

Our top flight is the Premier Division.  This group consists of very high level teams of current and former professional players.  Our Premier teams regularly win local, state and national tournaments.

Our next group is the 2nd Division.  This flight tends to be very balanced competitively with every team always competing for the top spot so that they can get promoted into the coveted Premier division.

Our 3rd division is the starting point for all teams.  Many teams have enjoyed a long stay in the 3rd division and many teams have used this flight as a first step to see if they have what it takes to compete in this league.  After the long season those who come out on top are promoted to the 2nd division and are on their way to the top.

The Over 35 division began in 2010.  It was a long time coming as many teams have come and gone in this league.  It was time for some "Aging" teams to find a new level of competition.  This flight, driven primarily by former and current League Presidents Brett Wood and Matt Morse is just in the initial growth stage to become a dominant force in Local and National "Veteran" soccer.

Our Women's Division consists of high level teams from across So Cal

Our U23 Division fields teams of aspiring Pro players.  Most of our U23 teams have professional affiliations such as ChivasUSA, Corinthians of Brazil, Genova of Italy, Cluj of Romania, Pumas of Mexico

Women's Division

Feb, 2013

At one point long ago the SoCal Premier League fielded a very competitive Women’s division. 

If you have an existing team or would like to form a team to join the SCP Women’s division please fill out a NEW team application. Important, if you plan on filling out a NEW team application, please also send an email to to let him know to look up the application.

All the rules that apply to the men’s division will be the same for our women’s division.  Feel free to also contact President, Matt Morse, if you have any questions.  714-296-5888



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