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Welcome to the SoCal Premier Division

Home of the best teams in So Cal, California and, arguably, the entire United States!  If you think you have what it takes to compete in the Premier Division contact a team for a tryout and enjoy a long career with one of our top clubs. 

Premier Division Format-Awards for the 2017-18 Season

August 2017

The top 3 finishers of the SoCal Premier Division will be awarded the following upon completion of the 2016-17 season:

First Place:  $2,650 (Includes No fee for next season), Trophy, Champion shirts

Second Place:  $1,500, Trophy

Third Place:  $1,000



2017-18 Notes

  • Premier Division by invitation only
  • Maximum 12 teams
  • Must have Turf or college level field
  • Season to run Mid-September – May
  • Premier teams do not compete in first round of Raul Briones Cup

Premier Division Standards

August 2017


The SoCal Premier Division is considered the top division in SoCal Soccer League. The teams in this division often carry players at the beginning of their soccer careers and players who have been part of professional organizations. In order for SoCal Premier to remain as the top competing league in Southern California these standards are required. All teams must meet these standards in order to qualify to compete in the SoCal Premier Division.

Application to enter a team into SoCal Premier Division

 ·         Application to compete in SoCal Premier must be received by July 15


·         The full application is available on the SoCal league website

·         All returning teams must complete an application every season. This will ensure returning teams’ intent, and allow the BOD to evaluate all teams applying every year

·         There is no automatic promotion or relegation between Premier and Majors Division


Club/Team Requirements

Home Field

·         All teams must secure and maintain a home field for the duration of the season

o    SoCal Premier may also secure fields for Premier Division games on occasion for promotional or showcase events

·         In the event that SoCal Premier has secured a field for a minimum of ½ of the season, this standard may be waived

·         In the event a field is provided by the SoCal Premier, teams that elect to use this field for their Home games will be required to pay a pre-determined rental fee

·         In the event a team elects to use the field provided by the league for a minimum of ½ of the season, they will be required to use and pay for that field for a minimum of ½ of the season

·         If a team should decide to provide their own home field for the 2nd half of the season, they must show proof of home field no later than 3 weeks before the start of that half of the season


Field Requirements

·         All fields should meet FIFA standards on size

·         Turf fields are allowed

·         All fields must have open bathrooms accessible to players and supporters

·         All fields should have at minimum 1 bench for both teams

·         All fields must be approved by the SoCal Premier BOD



·         Each team must carry a minimum roster of 18 players (this will help ensure a team does not play with less than 11 players in a game)

·         Each team may carry up to 30 players at any given time

·         Each team may only roster 22 players for each game (changes to player selection is allowed at the field prior to the start of the match)

·         Players on the sidelines must wear bibs/pennies while not in the game


Game Day

·         All games must have 3 referees to start

·         In the event a referee is late, both teams may agree to start the game on time with 2 referees

·         All games must start on the actual time – No 15 minute grace period

·         In the event a team has less than 7 players to start the game on time, it is up to the team that is able to start on time if they wish to wait and play a shortened game or take the forfeit

·         If game is played there are no protests

·         All other game day requirements are the same as SoCal Premier League Rules



·         A forfeit is grounds for rejection into next year’s season

o   2 or more forfeits will put a team at the bottom of the waiting list

o   3 or more forfeits is grounds for immediate dismissal from current season

·         The forfeiting team will be responsible for half of the field rental if forfeiting team is playing away and full field rental if playing at a SoCal Premier provided field

·         No referee shall remain if a forfeit is declared

·         All other forfeit rules are the same as SoCal Premier League Rules


Game Promotion

·         All teams in the Premier Division must consent to allow all other teams in the Premier Division to use team Names and Logos to promote upcoming matches, or SoCal Premier related events (like SoCal Showcase)

·         All promotion must be sent to opposing team manager/coach listed on SoCal Premier website

·         All content must be positive and respectful to both teams

·         Any negative or derogatory promotion towards an opposing team will carry some predetermined consequence



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