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Apply for SoCal Premier Adult WOMEN 2014-15

Women's League Update

Spring 2015

We currently have 6 teams in our women's division. 

If you are interested in adding your own team please email


So Cal Select

Contact: Bruce Silverman at


Norwalk FC

Contact: Jay at 


LA Villa FC

Contact: Catherine Davila at


Beach Futbol Club

Contact: Mauricio Ingrassia at


Riverside Lady Soccer Devils

Contact: Josh Nash at


So Cal Seahorses

Contact: Paul Gizzi at

Invitation to join the SoCal Premier

July 2012


This email is to announce the start of the Adult SoCal Premier League Women’s Division


About SCP:  The SoCal Premier League, formally known as, the Coast Soccer League started in 1975 (there is no relation with the youth CSL, we are a separate league).  Typically fielding anywhere between 10-20 Men’s teams in 1-2 divisions in and around Orange County, CA.  Over the past 5 years the league has seen tremendous growth both in the level of play and in the number of teams.  The 2011-12 season featured close to 40 Men’s teams playing in 4 divisions.  3 divisions are tied together in a promotion/relegation format.  The 4th division is a Men’s Over35 division.  Teams from the SCP Men’s divisions typically win state, regional and national tournaments with 2 of our teams finishing as finalists in the US Amateur National Championship and the USASA Open Amateur National Championship.  There are now SCP teams in OC, LA and Riverside Counties.  Many teams in our league are also affiliated with youth clubs.


Women’s History in the SCP:  In the late 80’s and into the mid 90’s the SCP did feature a top level women’s league.  There was a 2 division Women’s league in the early to mid 1990’s.  Unfortunately, the women’s league dissolved in the late 1990’s.  With the growth of women’s soccer over the past 10 years we feel it is a great time to open up a Women’s division at this time.


Why join the SCP:  The Adult SCP is known to be the top Amateur league in California, arguably in the US.  We are a non-profit organization fully run by a volunteer Board of Directors.  We are sanctioned by Calsouth and all players and teams enjoy all the benefits provided by Calsouth as a sanctioned league including play in local, regional and national tournaments sanctioned by Calsouth, USASA and USSF.  CalSouth is the official State Soccer Association for Southern California (largest in the country?) with over 13,000 registered adult players and over 110,000 registered youth players.  The SCP takes pride in fielding teams who simply love the game of soccer and want to enjoy a full season of competitive play on great fields around Southern California.  There are not any top level women’s amateur leagues sanctioned by Calsouth and we hope to simply create the same standard with our Women’s Divisions as we have with our Men’s Divisions.


Who should join the SCP:  We encourage youth clubs to start their own women’s teams.  We encourage teams that already compete in the WPSL or W-League to join as this will not conflict with your season.  If you are a top team already competing in another local league you should consider joining to become a member of a Calsouth sanctioned league.  New teams are encouraged to form to start a new tradition and legacy in the world of Women’s Amateur soccer.


How to join the league

Acceptance into League:  Team applications will be reviewed between now and August 10.  Acceptance confirmations will go out as teams are accepted.  Follow this link to fill out a short team application – NEW WOMEN TEAM APP


Requirements to join the league

·         Every team requires a Manager/Coach (may also be a player)

·         {C}Every team must list a phone & email contact on their team page on the CSL website – see for examples.

·         Home Field must be within a 50 Mile radius of Garden Grove, CA

·         Minimum roster of 14 players (may register as many as 30 players to a team)

·         Players must be at least 16 years old to play, there is no limit on age otherwise.


·         $450 League fee (Men’s fee is $650)

·         Performance bond:  $150 (this is our forfeit fee which pays for referees in  case you forfeit a game – refunded at the end of the season if not utilized)

·         Referee Fees per game:  $TBD (Men’s fees are $73, Women’s will be less than that)

·         No Field Fee:  $100 (this is only required if you do NOT have your own home field, CSL will provide a home field for you).


·         Fill out the new team application (link above)


·         League Start:  Weekend of Sept. 15/16

·         League Finish:  Early April.  It is our goal to finish the women’s division in early April so that players may be able to compete in the WPSL and the USL W-League.



If you are a female player looking to join a team please reply with the following:

Name, City of residence, brief history of play – i.e. High School, College, Youth Club.

I will add to a database to provide to teams who are looking for players.


If your team is looking for players I will submit contacts to you from the database once we have received your application and deposit.


Thank you for your time and feel free to contact me anytime.

Matt Morse

President, Coast Soccer League



US Soccer