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Raul Briones Cup Finals

Force crowned RB Cup Champions - FCUK claims the Friendship Cup

Raul Briones Cup Finals:

FC Golden State Force defeats last year's RB Cup Champions, Real Sociedad Royals, 2-0 to claim this season's Champion!

Brackets and Results:


As always, all flight winners will be seeded along with Premier teams for the elimination round. The 2nd and 3rd place teams in each flight will play in the Friendship Cup.

Congrats to the clubs who will be advancing to the Raul Briones Cup Finals:

Group A - Hunnover FC and Travieso FC

Group B - Artesia DES

Group C - Real Sociedad Blacksox and Buena Park FC Plus

Group D - AC Brea Select


Friendship Cup Finals:

FCUK defeat Real La Habra to win the Friendship Cup!

Brackets and Results:

Full List of Groups and Standings

List of Schedule and Brackets


Every manager is responsible for knowing the cup format, confirming home field availability and understanding cup rules (such as there is no sharing players between affiliated teams and players are "cup tied" once they play for a specific team in the cup, even if they change rosters).

Good luck to all our teams!


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