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GAME Scores & Match Reports

CLICK HERE to submit a survey of the game to the league - includes score, referee report, opponent report, injury report.

Log in to your team page to report the game score.  CLICK HERE for instructions on Score report & match report

All match scores MUST be completed by Sunday night at 10pm on the week of the match.  Even in the rare case of a forfeit, a report must be submitted.  BOTH Teams must report the scores, once completed the scores will appear in the standings and on team pages.

If you have any questions or disputes with regards to reporting scores feel free to contact:

Tony Chavez - Statistics

PLEASE NOTE - 1st missed report = warning.  For 2nd missed report and more, $25 fine will apply each time you miss it.
To report scores, log-in to your team page and the click on the "home" or "away" games link.

MATCH REPORTS - we also encourage you to enter the match reports (see instructions above)

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