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Raul Briones Cup - First Round Groups

Announcing the 2006-07 Raul Briones Cup groupings.  This year each team will play 3 first round games.  After the first round 4 teams will be eliminated (one from each division and one wild card team).  The remaining teams will be seeded 1-24.  The top 16 will go to the Raul Briones Cup and the bottom 8 will go to the Friendship Cup.  You may also notice we have a guest team playing in the cup.  CD ChivasUSA U19 team has been invited to play in this tournament with us.  They are coached by Sacha van der Most van Spijk (former CSL player with Beach SC).  the Chivas will play at Bellflower Sports Complex.  More to come on this team at a later date.  The schedules for these games will be posted by November 1.


Group A

Artesia DES

Beach SC

North Grove

South County


Group B

Cal United


PSA Balboa

OC United


Group C

Doxa Italia

Irvine City

Artesia Reserves



Group D



HB Strikers

CD Chivas USA U19


Group E

NHBV Black

Real Sociedad

SP Rounders



Group F

NHBV Green


LA Strikers

United FC Reserves


Group G

PSA Beach

United FC

Alliance Select

Tustin Celtic

US Soccer