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SoCal Premier Alumni Series: Part I- Jϋrgen Klinsman

Part I Jϋrgen Klinsman: Spark of the Soccer Revolution?

Jϋrgen Klisnman's ties to the national team are obvious. He assumed the mantle as USMNT coach back in 2011. He has lead the USMNT through a period of transformation, and what some would label as success.

He first reclaimed the Gold Cup title for the U.S. in 2013, he then solidified the USMNT's qualification into the 2014 World Cup, and finally guided them through what many experts called "The Group of Death" at the World Cup. He did this while attempting to change the ethos of US Soccer as a whole, as well as the playing style of the USMNT.

While these contributions to the game at the highest level as manager are well known, what is less known to many others are his days as a player in the SoCal Premier. Back in those days soccer was still fighting for the public eye, and a player of Klinsman's pedigree was still able to have relative anonymity on the playing fields of Southern California in the SoCal Premier.

Even in what many would view as "past his prime" in regards to playing shape, he would still be an extremely impactful player out on the pitch according to several first hand reports from players that had the honor (some may say misfortune) of lining up against him.

For Jϋrgen Klinsman, SoCal Premier was a place of landing. After a long and illustrious career at the highest level, this was a place where he could continue to stay active, and keep playing the game he loved. For some people, the league serves as a place where former high level players can satiate their appetite for a competitive match. For others like Miguel Ibarra and Christian Ramirez, the SCP served as a training ground, a place to prepare and stay sharp for the rigors of the professional game...

Continued in Part II

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