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SoCal Premier Alumni Series: Part III- Manny Le Barbier

He is well known to players in the MLS, the Mexican Primera, and all over CONCACAF for his unparalleled skills. Manuel Navarro is a hard working, dedicated, God fearing, and family oriented man. He is a clever player, and is capable of neat and tidy close-range combination play as both a striker and a wide-man. His skills have seen his services requested by LA Galaxy, Real Salt Lake, Club Tijuana, Club America, the Panama National Team, El Tricolor, and the USMNT.

Who will he provide his services for in the future you may ask? All of them if he can have his way. Perhaps the intro was a bit misleading. Allow me to explain; all of the details of the intro are indeed true. A few of the specifics however, were left out.

Navarro's services have been sought after by all those mentioned above, and he is indeed a skilled forward and wide-man. The skills that are sought after by all these teams aren't the skills he provides with his feet however, but rather the ones he provides with his hands, scissors, brush, hair-clippers, and anything else a barber uses to ply his trade.

Manuel Navarro is the barber that the elite players turn to while in the Southern California area, or even along the Northern border of Mexico. He has cut the hair of an innumerable amount of players that are known for dazzling the fans on the pitch with both their skill and style. Despite being in such popular demand he still tends to his store front, takes great care of his family and friends, and finds time to express himself on the pitches of the SoCal Premier league.

For more information on Manny's Barber Shop, and a little peek into his life visit:

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