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SoCal Premier Standings

PSA Elite 2016 Champions!

Congratulations to PSA Elite in claiming the 2015-16 SoCal Premier Title!

The 2015-16 campaign has ended and here is a breakdown of the SoCal Premier's top flight standings.

PSA Elite are crowned champions with 40 points and finish first with a record of 13-1-2. Besides claiming the top spot, PSA Elite dominated the stats with a top finish with 73 goals scored and only 12 allowed. Only defeated in the first and last game of their season, PSA, went unbeaten for 14 games. Can Elite claim two titles this season? PSA Elite are currently in the semi-finals of the Raul Briones Cup.

Last year's SoCal Premier Champions, SoCal Real FC, finish as Runner-Up with 35 points and a record of 11-2-3. Real's offense, lead by Mark Cipolla (9 goals, 5 assists) and Grant Hauxhurst (7 goals, 2 assists), ranked 3rd in the league with 49 goals, and stingy defense finished 2nd in the ratings with 21 goals against. Their only defeats and ties this season came from top table clubs, but Real's consistency all season helped them win a rightful 2nd place position. SoCal Real FC still have a chance at silverware as they are too in the semi-finals of the Raul Briones Cup.

Buena Park FC earn a 3rd place finish in their debut season in the top flight with 31 points and a record of 9-4-3. The Fighting Irish offense placed 4th in the league with 44 goals, which more than half the teams goals were scored by the attacking duo Nathan DaRosa (16 goals, 7 assists) and Justin Funes (12 goals, 6 assists). Also ranked 4th in the Premier, the BPFC defense allowed 31 goals. Buena Park only had three league defeats, same as runner-up SoCal Real FC, but losing points from four ties hurt any advancement above a 3rd place spot. With an early exit in the Raul Briones Cup first round, Buena Park FC settled with a respectable top 3 finish. 

In 4th place, United FC ended their campaign with 25 points and a record of 8-1-7. United's offense and defense ranked 5th in the league with 29 goals for and 35 against. United FC had plenty of wins, but the seven loses cut their chances to leap up the standings. A good run in the Raul Briones Cup can make it a successful season as they face SoCal Real FC in the semi-finals. 

In the middle of the table, Artesia DES finished in 5th place with 23 points and a record of 7-2-7. Artesia's offense ranked 6th with 23 goals and defense ranked 7th with 46 goals against. The Portugese based club managed to stay out of the bottom half of the standings, but a couple points shy of 4th place ended their season at 5th. Even though this campaign wasn't as successful as last years Runner-Up finish, Artesia DES are still defending their RB Cup title as they face PSA Elite in the semi-finals. 

Corinthinas USA end their season in 6th place with 22 points and a record of 7-1-8. The Brazilian side had an impressive 2nd ranked offense with 52 goals and 3rd ranked defense with 23 goals against. Corinthians had a strong start in league by defeating PSA Elite in the opener, but eventually struggled in the end of the season and gave up points due to forfeits and loses. 

In 7th place, Real Sociedad Royals put up 18 points with a record of 5-3-8. Tied in 5th, RSR's offense scored 29 goals, also tied in 6th, the defense had 39 goals against.

Footballers Academy from Chino Hills ended their second season in the Premier Division in 8th place with 10 points and a record of 3-1-12. The FA attack, lead by Valentin Beningazza (8 goals), tied 6th in the league with 23 goals, but the defense listed at the bottom in 9th concluded the season with 77 goals against.

Chula Vista FC finished in 9th place and at the bottom of the standings with 4 points and a record of 1-1-14. The only San Diego club in the league struggled through-out the season with their offense ranked at 7th with 14 goals and defense at 8th with 52 goals against. 

After another successful SoCal Premier League at its end, how will next year line up? Will there be any new contenders? Will a lower division club get promoted and go on a strong run?

Thanks to all the clubs, players, and league members for a great 2015-16 season. Stay tuned.

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