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Soccer Players Are the New "Boys of Summer"

Fun in the sun means different things to different people. For some people it is about relaxation. To them it is about avoiding too much physical exertion, lounging by the pool, soaking up some rays, and enjoying a delicious beverage or two. There is nothing wrong with this, but to others, “Fun in the Sun” means something entirely different. 

To some, it means doing conditioning under the sweltering heat of the Southern California sun. To those same people, fun in the sun means getting the worst “Farmer’s Tan” imaginable. The delicious beverage they enjoy is a lukewarm sports drink they find in their gear bag after enjoying a mouthful of dirt from a bone crunching tackle. Fun in the sun is being woken up by a midnight hamstring cramp courtesy of the “double days” they have been doing to get ready for the only day of the week that matters; MATCH DAY.

To the New “Boys of Summer”, fun in the sun means the SoCal Premier U23 Division. This division is home to the stars of tomorrow, and this year the battle for first place was ferociously contested. It came down to the final day, and last year’s runner-up Real Sociedad defeated U.S. Open Cup Cinderella Story Chula Vista FC 2-1, in order to claim the SoCal Premier U23 title. This earned them the right to face the NorCal Premier Champion in a State Title match. The boys fought hard, but were defeated 2-1. We are very proud of all of the teams that participated this summer, and are especially proud of Real Sociedad for representing SoCal Premier in the State Final!

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