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Take Your Game to the Next Level with Bownet

Hello SoCal Premier players and teams. Some of you are purely weekend warriors, some of you are aspiring professional athletes, "off-season" college athletes, or people that just love the game. No matter your goal or current skill-level, the path to improvement begins with practice. This will lead to better results and inevitably more enjoyment from the ‘Beautiful Game’.

Depending on your aims you may train every day, a couple times per week, play pick-up when you can, or maybe just get a few touches in alone the day before the match to shake off the rust from last week. At all skill levels, getting the full effect and maximum enjoyment out of training or "kicking the ball about" requires a goal of some sort. This is true in either a team or individual setting.

Whether you need a full-size goal to practice shooting, a smaller goal for some short-sided action, or a mini goal for some pick up, Bownet has you covered. Bownet is a proud sponsor of SoCal Premier, and is offering their portable goals to any player or team in our league at the best available price. View all their products here, and contact Matt Morse to place your order. See you on the pitch!

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